This is the official Carrd for AYGOZineProduction's past and current zine projects!

Current Project(s)

Heart & Soul: A YGO Signature Card Zine

Meet the Mods!

Head & Social Media Mod AKnightOfAGoodKing

Hi, you might know me as kappachyun, but you can call me kappa! ^^ As of this year, I have been accepted as a contributor for four zines and as a writer mod for a pending zine. This is my first time organizing a zine, so I look forward to learning everything I can and working my mod team! I've been into YGO for only several months, but I have become a huge fan and seen every animated series, including SEVENS.

My signature card is Rose Garden Maiden.

Graphic & Layout Mod American Kestrel

Hi, I'm Kes, the layout and general moderator for this zine. You'll see me around the YGO fandom but I'm most familiar with DM, GX, and 5Ds. My signature card is probably Blaze Fenix, the burning bombardment bird.

Let's make a great zine together!

Art Mod Plutonia

Nice to meet you! I'm the art mod of this zine and it will be my 39th zine modded. I'm a MASSIVE Pandora the Conjurer stan and adore writing/doing art for world building the Ghouls! I love the other parts though between Chronos in GX, Divine in 5ds and Blood Shepard in Vrains~ I go through all the parts~

My signature card is the Soul-Asborbing Bone Tower!

Writer Mod Lady Darqueness

Hi! I'm Darque, the writer mod. I watched 5Ds as my first ever step into the world of YGO as it was airing on TV, back when I had no concept of seasons and sequels and whatnots. I was quickly drawn into it, though, and I've watched every season at least once since. I love all the Dragon cards and did everything around them. My signature card is probably Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon, though it would definitely be Ancient Fairy Dragon if I were allowed to use it more often.